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Class is in session.. grab a pen and paper!

Training today will be about 2 hours.


Take notes and create your plan as you go through the paces of new-family training, you'll be done before you know it and have a head full of info too.

Last but not least... here is the paperwork!

Some of these documents you will need for your home and clients. Other of these docuements are needed to complete your employee file.

New Family Contracts Contracts & Bio
New Family Home Emergency Forms Fire DrillFire EscapePhone List
New Family File Documents Gather upIns,Ref, Med, M.License, CPR, Employ,
Audits and Home Studies Home Study doc
New Youth Packet and Office Youth file New client Packet
New Youth Client Right Agreement Client Agreement
Incident Reports Incident Report
Medical HVR & Med
Allowance and SDS Video SDS doc
Sum up with a quiz Document Quiz