Hi, I am Joey.
Foster care has changed my life. I spend every holiday and a lot of my free time with my former foster dad, he is family to me. He is always there for me and even feeds me sunday dinner and takes me out for my birthday. I don't know where I would be today without him, it feels so good to have a real place to call home!
This picture is me playing cards with him in his kitchen..
Joey transitioned on his own at 18, he is working and going to college. Thanks for sticking around Joey, your the best!

Training for New Foster Parents

Welcome, and thanks for becoming a part of our lives!

"Being a foster parent is a great avenue to share your knowledge an act as a mentor."
Says Cathy, a former foster youth with New Leaf Alternative
"It might seem overwhelming at first, but New Leaf Alternative provides organized and thorough training. There staff continues to provide incredible support for your 'foster family' well after the license process.
She continues "Only you can decide when you are ready to give back and take the step. When that times comes, somewhere, there is a foster child waiting to share their life with you"

Cathy aged out of foster care in 2010. She is a college student and pharmacy tech. She continues to give back to the system. She sponsored 45 foster kids for Christmas this year. Way to Go Cathy we are so proud of you!